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2023-01-12 14:34:53 By : Ms. Daisy Wang

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Mr. Ashok Kumar Bhaiya, Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD) of Aludecor Lamination Private Limited has recently interacted with Urban Transport News and shared his insights about the company, the journey so far and his vision and mission for India’s premier brand for aluminum composite panel, a product that garnered much attention and significance in the architectural and infrastructure skyline of India. Here are excerpts:-

Mr. Ashok Kumar Bhaiya: I felt so overwhelmed. It’s really an honour for us to win this prestigious award and getting recognized with some of the best in the infrastructure industry. We feel proud to know that Aludecor’s hard work, innovation and dedication in the field of Indian ACP industry has paid off by winning this award.

Mr. Bhaiya: Hailing from a hardcore business family, my professional journey started at the age of 20 as a trainee in the parental business of Raw Jute, one of the leading distributors of the material then. With my dedicated performance and devotion into the account, I was handed over the business. In 1995, I started the business of imports and exports with ACP as one of the trading stuff. While my trip to China, I noticed the unparalleled usage of ACPs and studied about this promising material. Post that, in 2002, I decided to explore the possibilities of this high-potential product in India and decided to travel to various parts of the US and Europe to learn about the technology, production nitty-gritty and testing methods used in ACPs. Soon after I came back to India and set up two state-of-the-art manufacturing units with advanced equipment and futuristic technology in Haridwar in 2006 and 2015 respectively.

Mr. Bhaiya: Aludecor has built an unbreakable trust in the industry since its inception in 2004. Equipped with state of the art production facilities at Haridwar, the company has continuously been setting benchmarks in quality and innovation. Aludecor’s production capacity is 5.5 million square meters (approx.) per annum. It has a pan India presence and a robust retail chain spanning over 250 cities. Aludecor is the only company in India that manufactures the mineral core required to produce fire-retardant MCPs in-house. It is also equipped with a Baby Line that produces mineral core on trial, which is subjected to rigorous tests in the company’s own fire testing lab. It is only after passing these tests that a particular batch goes for final production. Firewall, the fire retardant MCP & FireWall A2, the Fireproof MCP of Aludecor have Factory Production Control Certification (FPC) from Exova Warringtonfire, UK. Aludecor also pioneered the Double Coat Double Bake Line with its own Coil Coating Line in India, which ensures zero elongation cracks on the primer and the paint surfaces, as well as better bonding. The Steel Applicator Roll in its Coating Line gives its metallic shades unmatched brilliant effects. ACPs of Aludecor also have the highest gloss retention owing to the usage of high-quality resins. They are manufactured with high-quality virgin raw materials sourced within the country from the world’s best suppliers like Hindalco, Dupont, PPG, AkzoNobel, Berger Becker etc.

Mr. Bhaiya: We cater to the Solution-Based services. We have launched Aludecor Systems - The Silicone Free Cladding Profiles and Fixtures.  It is a framework and accessories set-up that facilitates rain-screen cladding. By using Aludecor systems, we can get silicone-free ACP facades for those advanced and aesthetically appealing facades. Aludecor is the Pioneer of Rain Screen Installation System in India. Aludecor’s Male Female Rain Screen Systems are the first choice for eminent architectures for its exceptional quality of cost-effective, hassle-free installation, heat insulation and adherence to the green building practices! We also have a Design Assist facility – It is a digital preview service for ACP fabrication in 3D. Besides this service, the ‘Design Assist’ team provides technical guidance on ACP installation as well. ‘Design Assist’ provides design support for both interiors and exteriors not only to the fabricators but to the Architects and the end-users as well.

Mr. Bhaiya: The motivation factor of Aludecor is not money, but the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from doing its job well. Through the implementation of the Aludecor Philosophy, we work towards finding solutions to the issues, build relationships of mutual trust with our stakeholders, and aim for the sustained development of the organization. Besides taking care of the core developments and emerging technologies, Aludecor has always focused on innovation and creation, keeping in mind the quality parameters of the metal composite panels manufactured. Moreover, we endeavour to contribute to the healthy development of society as well as keeping in mind environmental balance and sustainability.

Mr. Bhaiya: The Company maintains stringent quality checks in its manufacturing processes so that its products can pass any international standards for Coated and Composite Products. Quality Assurance tests take place online as well as in its fully equipped labs where tests of AAMA and ECCA standards can be conducted.  Our Fire  Wall MCPs are subjected to rigorous tests in the company’s own fire testing lab. It is only after passing these tests that a particular batch goes for final production. Firewall, the fire retardant MCP & FireWall A2, the Fireproof MCP of Aludecor have Factory Production Control Certification (FPC) from Exova Warringtonfire, UK. We are also equipped with a Baby Line that produces mineral core after stringent checks and trials.

Mr. Bhaiya: Aludecor has been a proud part of numerous big-shot projects over the years. To name a few: LMRC (Lucknow), Coal Bhawan (Kolkata), NIELET (New Delhi), Kochi Smart City, Mumbai Monorail, East-West Kolkata Metro (Sector V), Vizag and Baroda Airports. Challenges faced:

Mr. Bhiaya: As per the forecast by the National Investment promotion & facilitation agency, by 2025, the Construction market in India is expected to emerge as the third-largest globally. Smart Cities development will be full-fledged and will contribute to the overall development of the National infra sector. Govt will initiate the Industrial corridors, railway stations (development and re-development) and lines, mega ports etc. as planned. Also, there will be an increased demand for the commercial space sector in India. Moreover, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana will also contribute significantly to the top of the residential infrastructure of the country.

Mr. Bhaiya: The contents are being published by the Urban Transport News and are really very relevant in its field. Feels good that you have upgraded to the online version, as in today’s time going digital is the only way forward to achieve success. Overall, all the relevant news from the transportation field via the regular mailers to the readers is a welcome move. We enjoy reading and putting to use the news for further business growth. All the best to the Urban Transport News publication team for the smart work. For more information about Aludecor Lamination Private Limited, please log on to https://www.aludecor.com

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